Lunar Aurora

Aran – All Instruments, Voice
Whyrhd – All Instruments, Voice

Status: split up

Summoned into creation in 1994 by Aran (guitars/voice) and Whyrhd (guitars/voice), adding Sindar (bass-guitar/keys) later on in 1996, LUNAR AURORA started to pave its very own ways through the worlds of Black Metal.
Mysterious and mystical atmospheres intensely fill the band’s music by weaving supernatural sounds into ominous, dark and brutal guitar, bass-guitar and drum exertions.
Going through different drummer and label changes, LUNAR AURORA released more than 9 albums up to date and contributed exclusive song material to different compilation samplers, before the band recorded their latest opus HOAGASCHT in 2011.

– A wandering winterdream beneath the cold moon (Demo 1995)
– Auf dunklen Schwingen (Demo 1996)
– Weltengänger (Album 1996)
– Seelenfeuer (Album 1998)
– Auf einer Wanderung… (Split EP 1998)
– . .. of stargates and bloodstained celestial spheres (Album 1999)
– Ars Moriendi (Album 2000)
– Der leere Thron (Contributed Song 2001)
– Der Wanderer des Feuermondes (Contributed Song 2001)
– Elixir of sorrow (Album 2001)
– A haudiga Fluag (Split LP 2002)
– Zyklus (Album 2002)
– Mond (Album 2005)
– Andacht (Album 2006)
– Hoagascht (Album 2011)

Last Statement

“Dear friends,

it has always been clear that also LUNAR AURORA will end some day. And this autumn we felt that it is time to lay the band to rest. We came to that decision for various reasons, the two following may be the most significant. On one hand our imaginations of future musical projects are difficult to reconcile with LUNAR AURORA, on the other hand we feel that LUNAR AURORA is out of tune with these times. We have never been people that speechify, so we won’t make a big deal out of that, either.

It have been 18 great years and for that we want to say a big “THANK YOU!” to the people who have been with us during those years. Especially the fans as well as the bands we played with or did projects with. Not to forget the magazines, distributors, concert promoters, without whom publicity would not have been possible. Our label partners Frank Stöver, Andreas Lacher and Tom Wahl we owe deep thankfulness for their energy and trust.

With deep gratefulness we think of our bandmates Sindar, Nathaniel, Profanatitas, Biil, Skoarth and Bernhard Klepper for all they did for LUNAR AURORA with great dedication.

Although there won’t be a new LUNAR AURORA album anymore, we will make sure that the long out of stock albums “… of stargates…”, “Elixir of Sorrow” and “A haudiga Fluag” will be available through COLD DIMENSIONS within the next 1-2 years.

Until we meet again…”

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